more = more priority. default = 5

lxc config set coins limits.disk.priority 1

more = more priority. default = 10 (maximum)

lxc config set coins limits.cpu.priority 1


To properly run docker under lxd:

lxc launch ubuntu-daily:16.04 docker -c security.nesting=true

or if container exists already:

lxc config set docker security.nesting true

or, if you TRUST that docker content a lot, you can remove security

lxc config set docker security.privileged true
lxc restart docker

Docker in LXD container installed on ZFS does not work with overlay storage! Moreover, to run it over aufs storage which is the only option left, you must remove security from the container :(

To have a more secure docker, install LXD container on btrfs, but then btrfs subvolumes do not work in the container, so some of docker images won't work.


lxc config show testcontainer | sed "s/description:.*/description: \"blah\"/" | lxc config edit testcontainer
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